Papers (Both oral and posters) are invited on the following topics:
1. Science and Technology for memory devices
2. Smart Sensors, Transducers, Actuators and MEMS
3. Science and Technology of Multiferroic and Magneto-electrics
4. Physics and Application of heterostructures and superlattices
5. New trends in spintronics and topological phenomena
6. CMOS Technology extended-Novel systems and approaches
7. Tunable dielectrics for RF and high frequency devices
8. Magneto-optic, Photonic and Acousto-optic applications
9. Piezoelectrics and photovoltaics for energy harvesting and conversion
10. Biocompatible systems for medical applications, theranostics and devices for drug delivery

Selected papers will be published in Special Issues of Journal of integrated Ferroelectrics.(Taylor & Francis)

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